Working to keep Anne Arundel County a great place to live.

District 33 Anne Arundel County, Maryland


Maryland’s Economy and Tax Policy

Under Governor O’Malley, countless taxes and fees were increased including a 20% increase in the sales tax.  Michael shall work hard to stop the ongoing desire of politicians to increase the size of government and the tax on its citizens.  Michael’s goal is to lower taxes and reduce government regulations.  Michael is as interested in repealing many of the laws that were enacted from 2006 through 2014 as he is interested in passing any additional laws which may restrict the financial success and freedoms of Marylanders.


Michael believes that life begins at conception.  All life is sacred and the most precious gift we will ever receive.  Our laws should protect every life.  I support parental consent laws, waiting periods, and a full ban on late term abortions.  My family and I support organizations like the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry and Bethany Christian Services.

Second Amendment

As a citizen in the United States of America we are guaranteed certain rights under the constitution.  The right to keep and bear arms is protected by the Second Amendment, and is now the only “right” where a license is now required in the State of Maryland to exercise it.  If you do not pay the fee to obtain a license and meet the State requirements, your right is not guaranteed.  Michael will work and support measures within Maryland to protect an individual’s Second Amendment rights.

Support of Veterans

As a child of a retired Lt. Colonel in the Army, Michael is a strong supporter of America’s veterans and military.  Michael believes our government and citizens owe these brave men and women great appreciation for the sacrifices they have made.  As your Delegate, Michael will support further military pension tax relief, increased funding for veteran related job programs, and support health programs to help our returning service members transition back to civilian life.

Gerrymandering Districts

Since 2002, when Michael was a grass roots leader in opposing the gerrymandered districts as drawn by Governor Glendening, the Malone family had a long history of challenging democratic governors in their effort to have state legislative and congressional districts drawn in favor of one political party rather than the best interest of the people.  In 2002, Amy, Michael’s wife, was a Plaintiff in a successful lawsuit which stopped the proposed legislative district lines which would have included District 31 having precincts on both sides of the Frances Scott Key Bridge and the creation of a district that crossed over into Prince George’s County.  However, our work is not done; thanks to the lines drawn by Governor O’Malley, part of Anne Arundel County is in District 21 which is controlled by the Prince George’s County Democratic Party.  Furthermore, Maryland’s congressional districts, particularly, District 3 and District 4, are some of the most gerrymandered districts in the country.  Michael will fight to have districts drawn appropriately that follow geographic and county lines.  See the attached article by Michael which was published in the Severna Park Voice. Severna Park Voice Article 090315